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    The very reason I write is so that I might not sleepwalk through my entire life.

    Zadie Smith


    "Bookplates first appeared in the 1480s with the book–owner’s coat of arms. In America, people started using them as early as 1680 and in greater numbers in the 1730s. And by the end of the nineteenth century, when the Arts and Crafts Movement was challenging the excessive decoration of the earlier Victorian taste, bookplate collecting became a fashionable pursuit, one that would remain so until World War II."

    Via the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art Blog, the graphic contributions of American artists to the history of the bookplate.

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    In paperback this week…

    Enon, the follow-up novel to Paul Harding’s Tinkers, delves into a father’s feelings of loss and regret as he tries to deal with the death of his daughter and subsequent abandonment by his wife. 

    Amy Tan’s epic, The Valley Of Amazement, explores the tensions between mother and daughter, and old and new as it follows the lives of three women from three different generations. 

    A true story, Pilgrim’s Wilderness recounts the story of Papa Pilgrim, the man who drew national attention after bulldozing a road in a national park, and his family — a wife and fifteen kids — who were abused and isolated from the outside world by the patriarch. 

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