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    Produced this motion graphics video for the DECISION POINTS Deluxe eBook Edition.

    A groundbreaking first in bringing multimedia to presidential memoir, the Deluxe eBook edition of Decision Points will captivate supporters, surprise critics, and change perspectives on eight remarkable years in American history—and on the man at the center of events.

     Animation by Chieh Yen. Music by Tyler Cash.

    There are few things—ok, perhaps zero things—that could make me want to read George W. Bush’s autobiography, but this trailer for the Deluxe eBook edition comes close. My interest is piqued. The commercial promises a “new kind of autobiography, a new kind of reading experience.” Now, this could be a lot of bluster—we are talking about a former president here—but I’m VERY curious how well these multimedia features are integrated into the text of the book and how rich vs. distracting it is.

    But here’s my usual caveat: Are publishers going far enough? Are they really exploiting the potential of the iPad? It’s not enough to replicate the experience of reading a book (although that is a good place to start). I’m not convinced that simply adding more content—including video—is enough to compel a critical mass of readers to choose one reading experience over another. It feels a little … lazy. Just like with newspaper and with magazine publishers, the opportunity is here for book publishers to create an entirely different experience, separate from its print antecedent.


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